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Who Will Provide?

Group exhibition at The Crypt Gallery London


A site-specific exhibition at The Crypt Gallery with all MFA peers, there were 34 pieces responded to the same title ’ Who Will Provide?’. It is the first time I made a piece for a specific site. To respond to the role of the St. Pancras church in its history. The church is a place for communication, no matter the providers or receivers who involved in the system are all members so without each of them, this system wouldn’t work even exist.  In this case, each member has an invisible link to each other and has activated the whole system. Furthermore, we will know this history of St. Pancras Church is because the past activities have been recording and handed down. ‘Cradle’ is an installation which needs viewers to activate it, while the balls were activated by pushing, the charcoals will leave tracks on the paper. I was worried about the tracks will not clear to be seen but it came with a different result as I expected.

I was in the design team to assist in gathering details from each piece and helped to confirm the handout design by Priyanshi. I set up an online sheet on google let peers to fill their work detail, it was an effective way to gather information from a big group. Also, I did invigilate for a morning, great to see audiences’ responses and got nice feedback of our show.

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