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“Time, advancing, with its unforgiving power to rot, intends to return everything to the soil. True beauty is that which has survived time and is preserved in colour and form.”   Hiroshi Sugimoto


My purpose in pursuing the theme of time is as a base from which to build more connections between natural phenomena and humanity with ontology. Through the poetic way in which I see my practice, I am trying to unfold my imagination by using fragile and delicate materials to recreate physical phenomena and the invisibility of sensibility.

My practice utilises multimedia, sculpture and installation. I believe growth and decay are the consequential processes of reality and all things in life have their own timescale. Therefore, it is only inevitable that each object has its own amount of time in this world. I am interested in the preservation of time and ascertaining how such subtle elements are seen or sensed. My practice is divided into two parts: one is rational time - physical time; the other one is emotional time - memory. In my recent practice, I have presented time’s passing and how the related matters respond through entropy.

I am very much inspired by plants and natural elements. The shapes, textures and colours of plants have influenced me deeply and are reflected in my practice and chosen materials. Also, inspired by scientific principles, particularly physics, play a crucial role in my work. These elements inspiring me to explore and expand my imagination through what I am believing.

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