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Residence in Somerset

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During the summer of 2018, I participated in a residency at Somerset University which launched by Antony Dixon. Also exhibited the works made in Somerset in October. Stayed a week in Somerset with former MFA students, for me is a great experience to see the different part of England apart from London and worked there. In the first few days, we were trying to make work by collaboration. We talked about our own concept in our own practice and tried to find the link between us. It was not easy to do collaboration in such a short time, so we decided to focus on our own self, was a good try to know more about each other. The facilities in the art department at the Somerset University is complete and professional, we were allowed to use every facility that we need. During the residence, I made a yellow fabric sculpture to response the warm feeling from Somerset.

In October, we held an exhibition from 1/10 to 15/10 at the Somerset University. Antony helps a lot to arrange things we will need. Because of other artists already left UK at that time so Antony and I curated the show for all of us. For the preparing work, Antony decided the title of the exhibition and I designed the poster. Somerset University had supported this exhibition on financial, including promotion, poster printing, and refreshments.

From this experience, I’ve realised that we should bring artists together as a long-term connection and being supportive of each other, not only in the university or London but the world.

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