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Beyond the Pale

Group exhibition at East Croydon


A group exhibition with artists from MFA course. It’s the first exhibition not at the University in London I had participated. From the application of the venue, the title of the exhibition and set up the show… all the processes were a teamwork and it was a great opportunity to practice how to organise a show from the beginning. 

The exhibition was held in East Croydon for one week during the summer. For the preparing work, I was involved print the poster, post the poster nearby and order the refreshments. The poster cost too much than our expectation, would be nice to have a budget at the beginning of the future exhibition by this experience.

The opening was successful, people showed up to support. It was a great chance to practice introducing my practice in English, got great feedback from audiences.
We took the turn to do invigilating during the exhibition running, there are locals who came to see our exhibition and I think that’s a good way to communicate.

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