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In my practice, I am committed to preserving time and measuring time in my own way. Time is divided into two parts in my practice, rational and perceptual - rationality is time itself, and sensual time is memory. The relationship between time and human, we use time as a unit to measure life, and time as a common system of human beings to manage events and makes events have specific meanings. In Einstein's theory of relativity, the relation of time has the difference is because of the comparison between each other. Therefore, I think that the general time has more forms more ways for various condition to measure. Everything should has its own appropriate time scale.


"Every phenomenon that occurs has its proper time, its own rhythm"

In my practice, the way time is measured depends on the object and in a different way. Taking the dynamics of the object as a measure of time, the plants are covered and observed for changes, the trajectories of the rocks, the interaction of objects with people as a means of measurement and records. Through the exploration of the objects and the way of saving time, my practice finally came to the original intention - to create a way to measure time.

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For the Owner of Time


'For the Owner of Time', continue the previous work using ice as a medium, and refer to the ancient timing method. The passage of time occurs at the same time as the ice melts, and the power is generated by the melting of ice. And the dynamic measurement also produces entropy, which creates more confusion and possibility. However, the rate at which ice melts is related to temperature. All creatures on Earth are affected by the same Circadian rhythm. Sunlight initiates the operation of the physiological clock, which seems to be quietly in progress but is the law of all creatures.


In the performance of "The Great Tamer", it inspired me the way to express time’s strength. In the torrent of time, different events of the same level may occur repeatedly and the causal relationship of the cycle may bring many chaotic reactions. But time itself is not emotional and indifferent. Regardless of the scale at which people's things are calculated, the only thing that cannot be avoided is the passage of time. The arrow of time, once it happens, cannot be restored. In the system of time, everything goes in the same direction, from the present moment become the past.


The seesaw is a representative of balance, carrying the weight of time, and also unable to achieve balance due to time constraints. The influence of time is only unidirectional and asymmetrical.

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